Kick your World of Warcraft addiction for only $14,000


I’ve been one of the many that have gotten lost in World of Warcraft.  I don’t play anymore, as I’m also one of the many that played so much that I ended up getting burned out on the game.  Well apparently I’m one of the lucky ones.  For those that are completely addicted and can’t seem to get themselves out of the game, now there’s a service to help you out.  It’ll only cost you a $14,000 to claw your way out of the game.  Just yank that cash out of your bank account and you can get help from Washington State’s ReSTART clinic.

Apparently the clinic itself is nothing new, however, in the past it’s been purely outpatient.  Now they actually have a clinic you can check yourself into.  How long does that $14,000 get you in the clinic?  Well 45 days of course.  Since WoW and internet addictions are such a new thing, there’s absolutely no proof that these types of programs are effective in the long run.  Then again, getting out of the game might be enough to keep you out of it.  It’s a bit of a gamble to go paying that much cash.

Source: Ubergizmo