Just In: Nude Photos May Damage Your Image

TechCult has obtained exclusive new information that suggests e-mailing around nude photos of yourself could hurt your image.

A study just released by MaCorr Research found 77 percent of Americans have “concerns about how they appear online.” Much of the worry comes from so-called “personal material” — or, in technical terms, “coochie shots” — floating around the Internet.

“I like totally sent my ex-boyfriend a picture of me naked,” a 16-year-old girl who wished to remain anonymous told TechCult’s investigative team. “We broke up like two weeks ago and now I found the picture online. I don’t get it,” she said.

TechCult investigators have discovered that young men, particularly those in their mid- to late-teens, are likely to share such photos of female nudity online — and girls in the same age bracket may be most susceptible. Scientists are just starting to get a grasp on the psychological processes that may be driving this strange phenomenon in American males.

“Uh, they like boobs,” Dr. Irving Regarno, a board certified psychologist and teen conflict specialist, told TechCult’s investigative team.

“And butts,” he added.

As for what people can do to protect their online image in our tech-savvy society, psychologists say the answer is simple.

“They shouldn’t do anything. I love those pics,” Regarno stated. “I mean, did you see that chick from High School Musical? Talk about carpets matching the curtains,” he noted.

For teenagers, the lesson is difficult to learn — but one bad experience, doctors hope, may be enough to change their ways.

“I dunno — I mean, it kinda sucked,” the 16-year-old girl said. “But I sent my new boyfriend Jake a photo of me last night. He’s totally different,” she promised.

TechCult investigators were able to locate a close acquaintance of the alleged new boyfriend, who vouched for the teen’s character.

“He’s a good guy. He wouldn’t ever do anything wrong,” the friend agreed.

“Besides, that picture’s not that great anyway,” he added.