Judge: “The Simpsons” Parody Is Child Pornography

the-simpsons-child-pornographyThe Internet-distributed cartoon showing characters from “The Simpsons” having sex is now legally considered child pornography.

Animated sex featuring yellow characters with four fingers and oddly shaped heads is no different than actual child porn, a Supreme Court judge in New Zealand ruled this week. The judge was taking up the case of a man who was found to have the parody of “The Simpsons” on his computer. The video shows characters based on Bart, Lisa, and Maggie engaging in various sexual acts.

“If the persons were real, such depictions could never be permitted,” the judge stated.

The guy was convicted of possessing and accessing child pornography. He was sentenced to a fine of $3,000 and ordered to spend four years under a “good behavior bond” — basically the Australian equivalent of probation.

The oddest part of the ruling: The judge found that while the “characters had hands with four fingers and their faces were ‘markedly and deliberately different to those of any possible human being,’ the mere fact that they were not realistic representations of human beings did not mean that they could not be considered people.”

Interesting, as you may recall that 2007’s “The Simpsons Movie” featured a full-frontal shot of Bart Simpson in the buff. Millions of fans saw the film, and plenty now own the DVD. Freakin’ kiddie porn peddlers, all of you. You should be ashamed.