Jay Leno wins jaylenoshow.com from cybersquatting real estate agent


Back in 2004 a Texas real estate agent, Guadalupe Zambrano, decided that he would take his real estate website and put it on thejaylenoshow.com.  Probably figuring he’d get far more traffic from people searching for the website associated with Jay Leno’s show.  Even if that didn’t work, I imagine he guessed that Jay Leno would pay big money to get the website from him at some point.  So for five years he posted homes on his website for all the world to see.  That is until Jay Leno decided that he wanted the website.

Instead of receiving a fat check, it turns out that Leno decided to take care of things in court.  As it turns out Zambrano holding onto the website falls under a section of the Anticybersquatting Consumer Protection Act.  That act makes it illegal for someone to mislead, confuse and steer people to their website.  Thanks to Leno’s very successful 30 year career in entertainment, it gives him common law trademark rights to his name.  They also went on to state that the real estate agent registered the website in bad faith.  So tragically once the 10 days are up and the site is handed over to Jay Leno, you’ll have to browse Texas homes someplace else.  It would have been cool to say you discovered your house at thejaylenoshow.com.  Of course Jay Leno might need that website since he’s going to have a talk show this fall on NBC called The Jay Leno Show.

Source: Switched