Jack Thompson Turns It Up To 11

Jack Thompson: master of irony, genius comedian, and a real artist truly dedicated to his performance piece on ridiculing our legal system. Either that or he’s actually a lawyer, in which case he may be the most dangerously unstable legal professional since a one-armed attorney starting juggling plutonium chunks balanced on a stilt.

For somebody who hates videogames he really seems to follow their design principles, because every time we think he’s been as stupid as he can possibly be it just unlocks a whole new level of idiocy. The most recent addition to the catalogue of comedy is his letter to the Judicial Qualifications Commission, where he accuses the judge of his own enhanced disbarment hearing of being mentally unstable. A hearing that’s only happening because he walked out of his own disciplinary hearing, claiming that the judge didn’t have authority to hear it. Quite how somebody can become a lawyer without knowing what a judge is remains unclear.

Some highlights:

  • When one of your key points is acting proud of having passed a mental health exam, that’s a warning sign right there.
  • Using air “quotes” to cast “doubt” is really “stupid”.
  • He mocks her for shouting during legal proceedings, failing to mention that the reason was him. This suggests that he is now so crazy he can cause other legal professionals to lose their minds by being in the same courtroom as them, and should probably be quarantined.
  • When the case at hand is not only your disbarment from the legal profession, but “enhanced” disbarment (like Super-disbarred), your accusations against other people might be slightly weakened.

We’ll have to see how well this letter goes down. Considering that a previous letter got him visited by Federal Marshals who politely told him to stop being such a prick, probably not well.