IT Training Now Includes “How to Get Laid”

Flirting ClassLearning how to talk to chicks is now part of the curriculum for some computer engineers-in-training. A German university has added a new “flirting course” to its IT program — yes, seriously. We can only hope the teacher looks like the one pictured at right.

The class, on the master’s degree track at Potsdam University, already has 440 students enrolled for its first week. The sessions supposedly teach you how to “write flirtatious text messages and e-mails, impress people at parties, and cope with rejection.” (One might assume they spend most of their time on that last item.)

“We want to prepare our students with the social skills needed to succeed both in their private life and their work life,” a university spokesperson told Reuters.

“And by ‘succeed,’ I mean finally lose their goddamned virginity,” he neglected to add.

The class will also offer students training on presentation skills. The first step? Don’t present yourself as a computer engineering student who’s enrolled in an IT flirting class.