iPhone Users getting more action than Blackberry owners


There are always debates on which smart phone is the absolute best out there.  Phone users can get into heated arguments over it, all the while listing off the top specifications of their phone of choice.  Well now iPhone users have one more thing to give them a little edge above the other brands out there.  It turns out that iPhone users are having a whole lot of sex when compared to Blackberry and Android users.

One graph is kind enough to show how much the men and women are having separately.  In each case the women were having a bit more fun than the male phone owners.  There is another chart that shows the layout by age as well.  Now I would like to point out that all of this data comes from the dating site OkCupid.  This isn’t some deep long researched study done by Harvard.  They’re just some statistics that were thrown onto Excell from the dating site.  That means that you iPhone users can swear by its accuracy, but the Blackberry and Android owners have room to claim that it couldn’t possibly be correct.

Source: Technabob