iPhone Smoking App a Great Idea (If By “Great,” You Mean “Terrible”)

iphone-smoking-app-electric-smokeCall it one for the kids: An iPhone application developer has come up with a way to let you practice smoking on your cell phone. Yeah, this seems like a good idea…I can’t foresee any problems here.

The app is called Electric Smoke. It puts an image of a cigarette onto your phone’s screen. After lighting up, you inhale over the iPhone microphone, and smoke actually starts to appear on the screen. The more vigorously you breathe in, the more smoke you see.

Oh yeah, and you can get a friend to give you a light, too. Electric Smoke works with Smule’s Sonic Lighter app, a utility that lets you play with a virtual lighter on your phone’s screen. It can detect another phone’s “lighter” nearby and will start your “cigarette” up as a result.

But wait — there’s more! The application will even keep track of your smoking stats, creating a fun and wholesome after-school pastime for your entire peer group!

“Electric Smoke is a game as well,” the official App Store description boasts. “Challenge your friends [to see] who has the biggest lungs, who can smoke faster, and who can smoke more.”

Wow — tell me more! Mom, Dad, can I get one? Pleeeeeeeeease?

The maximum sarcasm conclusion: This seems like a fantastic idea, and one that’ll go over really well with parents and health advocates alike. Really, no complications could arise from the fact that teens are possibly the fastest growing group of iPhone users. This thing has “win” written all over it.

In related news, developers are expected to start marketing the iPhone Electric BJ app shortly after the New Year.