iPhone, iFail

iphone ifailIt was bound to happen. After a solid streak of glory, the golden Apple has finally gone bad.

iPhone users worldwide are growing increasingly angry with the subpar performance of the new 3G phone. First came the activation day disaster. Now, people across the globe are complaining of spotty reception and dropped signals.

One of Apple’s own message boards, incidentally, filled up with hundreds of negative comments — but Apple has since shut the thread down, saying it was “too long” and was causing browsers to “time out.”

On the whole, both Apple and AT&T appear to be taking the ever-popular approach of “if you deny it, it won’t exist.”

Case in point:

“The new iPhone is performing very well on our network,” an AT&T rep said when asked by Wired about the issues.

“If by ‘on our network,’ you mean ‘nowhere,'” he probably should have added.

Theories range from cheap chips to towers that just weren’t ready for the crowds. It’s all still speculation, of course, but one thing’s for sure: This week, Apple is our big winner.

That’s right, ye makers of Macintosh, you are officially the latest recipient of our highly coveted honor, the TechCult Sarcastic Salute. Your technological failures and brilliant response to public pressure are not going unnoticed, dear friends. We congratulate you. We would send a commemorative plaque your way, but our iPhones are currently not getting reception, so we can’t call the FedEx guy to come pick it up.