Introducing the Monday Mailbag

This week, we’re launching a new regular feature: the TechCult Monday Mailbag. That’s right, kind companions, you can now submit your own questions, remarks, insults, or come-ons to the TechCult team, and we’ll answer — or, at the very least, mock — them in a future column. Where it goes is up to you: anything about technology, the Internet, this site, or the people behind it is considered fair game.

Ready to get in on the fun? Just email us at mailbag(at) We’ll use only your first name and will never save or share your email address in any way.

Time to get this thing started.

Dear TechCult,

With all the technology out there, there’s got to be a better way to find dates online. Any ideas?


Rick, great question. I’ve forwarded it on to TechCult Date Adviser Terri Jutson, who had the following advice:

You are in luck: Finding dates online should become far easier in about one month. The fruit goes into its peak season in August. The freshest dates have glossy skins and no crystallized sugar on their surfaces. Try online orchards like Hadley Orchards or Farmers Market Online for simple, one-click transactions.


Dear TechCult,

If someone were to hypothetically have started an Internet company, then had it go into the crapper, and now be on the brink of being forced out, what would you suggest that person do? Just hypothetically, of course.

Jerry Gerry
Sunnyvale, CA


This sounds like quite a pickle. I’ve brought in TechCult Senior E-Commerce Analyst Smitty Henderson to help sort it out. Here’s what he said:

What the hell is this jibberish? I was told I was signing up for a weekly coupon service. Why are you sending me these questions?


Dear TechCult,

You guys should start a Q&A column, maybe with a catchy name like Monday Mailbag. That’d be neat.


Susan, that’s a terrible idea. We absolutely will not consider it.

We know you have something to say. Send your questions and comments to mailbag(at) and watch for the next Monday Mailbag, brought to you by TechCult and your local beef supplier.