Inside Google’s Virtual World

Google has unveiled a new virtual 3D chat experience. “Lively by Google” lets you develop your own customized avatar and environment to interact with friends — and rumor has it some big name industry insiders have already created personas.

Watch out for these characters roving throughout the “Lively” pub room (they ought to be easy to spot):

  • Virtual MySpace Tom: Creepy guy in plain white shirt who won’t stop smiling
  • Virtual Jessica Rose (aka “Lonelygirl15”): Attractive, young-looking girl wearing a “JAILBAIT” shirt and hanging around Tom
  • Virtual Steve Ballmer: The bartender, who inexplicably won’t sell the popular drink everyone wants and instead is serving only some new, complicated version no one seems to like — except for…
  • Virtual Bill Gates: Awkward guy sitting at the bar happily enjoying the unpopular new drink
  • Virtual Jerry Yang: Sad-looking sap sitting by himself at the other end of the bar, pretending not to notice Bill
  • Virtual Carl Icahn: Well-dressed businessman shouting profanities at Jerry from across the room
  • Virtual Sergey and Larry: The two guys in the corner lounge chairs covered in money, laughing wildly about the whole scene
  • Virtual Lars Ulrich: Drummer playing in the crappy local cover band
  • Virtual Shawn Fanning: Angry dude throwing bottles in aforementioned drummer’s direction

Whew…that’s some virtual crowd. Oh, and if you need me, I’ll be the incredibly good-looking guy with all the virtual chicks on his virtual arm — who, quite clearly, has virtually no grasp on reality.