Inmate sentenced 60 extra years for having cellphone


If you’re reading this from Texas and in jail, on an iPhone you managed to smuggle in, you might want to ditch the phone quickly.  One inmate managed to land himself an extra 60 years after being found with a cellphone on him.  The Anderson County inmate looked a little suspicious to correctional officers, so they decided to do a procedural search.  The inmate apparently wasn’t down with the idea and attempted to run off in order to conceal the evidence.

During the chase, inmate Derrick Ross chucked something on the rooftop.  Once the officers managed to get their hands on the object they realized it was a cellphone stashed inside of a state-issued sock.  The 38 year old inmate apparently had a history of doing similar things, so incredibly harsh action was taken.  Even with a history of doing such things, 60 years for sneaking in a cellphone just seems way too stiff of a sentence.  Then again, it might scare other inmates from also doing similar things.

Source:  Switched