Ilse Aigner Attempts To Create 10 Golden Rules of Netiquette


Aigner is the German consumer minister and she believes that the net needs 10 golden rules of etiquette.  Not just any rules though, ones made by those that use social networking websites.   She intends to use a similar principal as they already use for Germany’s urban transit system.  It runs on an honor system where people pay metro or bus fees despite the fact that there are no law enforcement officials present.  Apparently it actually works pretty well.  Although I think she might be a little too optimistic when it comes to the internet.

With the bus system, part of the reason it works is because everyone there sees you not following it.  Sure, they may not arrest you, but there’s a certain amount of shame that goes with it for most people.  However, the internet allows you to remain anonymous if that is what you choose.  Sure, I think that the ones that already use common sense about what they post will follow the rules.  It’s still highly doubtful that internet users will see the error of their ways and start following a random set of rules.  I imagine there are a few rules that many of us might like to enforce though.

Source: Switched