If You Think Flying Is Bad Now…

You know that annoying tool who talks so loudly on his cell phone that you can hear him half a county away? Yeah…get ready to deal with that on your next flight. Someone’s found a backdoor hack that lets you make calls from the oh-so-friendly skies.

Thankfully, the method can work only over the Internet, so just a handful of flights will be affected so far — but every major airline is expected to sign onto the sky-high Web program in the next couple of years, so it’s best to go ahead and brace yourself now for annoyances beyond imagination.

You might be thinking: “B-b-but…I thought they said they were blocking voice calls on the in-flight Internet access?!” You thought correctly, wise owl. But thanks to a Twitter-based trick, Joe Jackass is now a simple three steps away from getting around that roadblock and chatting away with a VOIP connection, right from the comfort of his one-inch-away-from-you middle seat.

In all fairness, it’s quite possible the airlines will catch on and cut off the newfound noise source at some point. But let’s be honest…it won’t be long before another hack pops up. And another. With Internet access enabled, there will be an endless amount of ways around any security put into place. And you know people will find them.

So pack your earplugs, pack your strongest (legal) narcotics, and pack all the patience you can possibly muster. And hey, at the very worst, you can always ding the flight attendant and request a blunt object for immediate self-check-out.