Idea for Microsoft: Co-Own Download Day

Mozilla is aiming for a world record for single-day downloads with the release of Firefox 3 next month. Not to be outdone, I think Microsoft should use the chance to co-own the day with a record of its own: the most people ever seen switching away from an inferior browsing product.

I mean, let’s be serious here: How many people would actually go to bat for IE and claim it’s the better browser of the two? Sure, you’ve got your new computer owners and your internet novices who just don’t know any better. But if IE weren’t the default option built into Windows, would anyone possibly choose it?

Well, all right, to be fair, I’ll give it a shot and check out some of its potential allure over Firefox:

  • It doesn’t have all sorts of add-ons.
    If you like not having powerful extensions for any purpose imaginable, then IE is your answer. Lack of options you’re after? Microsoft’s product is for you.
  • Its installation process is, uh, “thorough.”
    If you like to feel like a software installation is really doing some hard work, IE could be the right choice. It offers a massive and slow download, followed by an involved procedure that’ll require you to turn off your virus protection, back up your vital files, and eventually do a full reboot before being ready to begin (Firefox, on the other hand, will be a quick download and a two-step, one-minute install).
  • It waits to implement new features until another browser has tried them out.
    You want your tabbing? No problem. IE’s got it. But you don’t have to worry that it might not be the best it can be, because Microsoft waited until the feature became popular in Firefox before adding it into IE. So with IE, you can rest assured that you’re getting some of the same stuff everyone else has, just a little while later. Watch for tab restoration options to launch in early 2012.

Impressive as those features are, I’m sticking with my suggestion. So here it is, Microsoft: your chance for glory. On Firefox Download Day, shoot for a record of your own. We’re rootin’ for ya.