IBM Making It Easy To Watch Women Get Naked

digital-shopping-assistantAs millions of people get ready for Black Friday, IBM is getting ready to introduce an invention that could revolutionize the shopping experience. Oh, and also make it easy for guys to spy on undressing women.

The Digital Shopping Assistant, previewed this week as part of IBM’s “Next Five in Five” list of upcoming innovations, is expected to start popping up in store fitting rooms over the next five years. The technology will provide a touchscreen and voice-activated system that’ll let shoppers pick out additional clothes or accessories, then notify an employee to deliver them to the room. And that part is fine.

The piece of the program we see making a real splash with the shady store worker, though, is the photo feature. The Digital Shopping Assistant, IBM says, will let you “snap photos of yourself in different combinations [from inside the fitting room] and email or SMS them to your friends and family.”

Right. Because no problems could result from having an undetectable camera in a dressing room hooked up to a centralized store system and a mobile network. There’s no way anyone will find a way to hack into that and snap photos at will.

Well, hey, it definitely fulfills IBM’s claim of having “the potential to change the way people work, live and play.”

We expect to see a rush of new male applicants to Victoria’s Secret as soon as the system debuts.