I Can Read Your Mind On My Computer Monitor. (Almost.)

computer-mind-readingScientists have come up with a way to let you read someone’s thoughts and dreams via your computer monitor — and, suffice it to say, I plan to get my hands on this technology soon.

The system, under development at Japan’s ATR Computational Neuroscience Laboratories, is set to be revealed in an upcoming issue of Neuron Magazine. The researchers say the creation can already read and reproduce simple images from the human brain. It won’t be long, they promise, before it can interpret complex thoughts and dreams and broadcast them onto a screen.

Basically, the thing works by monitoring the electrical signals moving into the brain’s visual cortex. It then translates those signals into actual visible images.

So here’s the take-home message: Ladies, I will soon know exactly what’s on your minds. That’s right — those furtive gazes my way will no longer hold their mystery; I will be able to read the thoughts behind them. (Which, I assume, will largely consist of things like: “Why does that guy have taco sauce on his face?”)

The timeless art of seduction shall never be the same.