How Not to Steal a Celebrity’s Provocative Photos

Consider it a lesson for us all: If you’re going to hack into a 15-year-old pop star’s e-mail account and publicly post her provocative photos, don’t go around flaunting your identity and taunting the FBI.

The guy accused of stealing Miley Cyrus’s not-so-Hannah-Montana-like photos earlier this year is now dealing with a mess of federal investigations. The FBI showed up at the dude’s doorstep this week, searched his home, and seized three computers and a cell phone. The suspect — a 19-year-old named Josh Holly — had spent the past months bragging on various blogs and forums about how he’d gotten ahold of Miley’s scantily clad photos. You know, the ones that were published everywhere a few months back. Not that you ever saw them…right?

Wired’s Threat Level gives a detailed account of Holly’s alleged actions. He “boasted” about how he’d never be caught, it says, because he “moved so often.” Apparently, “so often” wasn’t enough. In a final act of sheer ignorance, Wired says Holly posted a message just hours before the FBI raid reiterating how the feds “would never find him.”

For what it’s worth, our happy Hannah hacker blames his failure on a faulty fire alarm. Because clearly, it had nothing to do with his incessant seeking of publicity or flagrant discussion of his identity.

Looks like Miley’s recent album, “Breakout,” may serve as a fitting prophecy for Holly’s future wishes. Hope he gets his fill of female midriffs fast — ’cause we suspect where he’s heading soon, he won’t be seeing too many of them.