How Home Theater Affects Your Love Life

home theaterThis just in: Your unkempt appearance, unpleasant odor, and complete lack of social skills may not be to blame for your relationship troubles. Your home theater setup might be the real problem.

A four-country survey found nearly 80 percent of couples believe their DVRs improve their love lives. It’s only logical, then, to assume that not having a DVR would put you at a romantic disadvantage.

The research also found DVRs come in third globally as far as household items people say they couldn’t live without, trailing behind only washing machines and microwaves. A full 81 percent of Americans ranked them as number one on that list.

But that’s beside the point. The real issue here is that the reason you aren’t getting any is that you don’t have a TiVo. The same applies whether you’re married and talking about your spouse, or single and talking about potential dates. The take-home message is simple: Get a TiVo, and get some. Hey, that’s kinda catchy.

Gotta run…I’ve got a million dollar commercial campaign idea to pitch.