Holy Crap, Google’s Going To Sea

google seaGoogle may soon be looking for some strong seamen. The company has filed a patent for a high-tech “floating data center” of sorts. If completed, the center would put an actual crew in the middle of the ocean, with a bunch of powerful computers at its hands.

The concept is to use the motion of the ocean to power the heat of the fleet — the computing fleet, that is. Wind turbines would combine with the wave-powered generator to create all the electricity on-board. The whole thing would reside around seven miles offshore.

So why the shift to sea life? Moving its data centers out to the water would allow cheaper (and less environmentally harmful) electricity generation, and you can rest assured those resource-heavy places use shiploads of power. Google’s patent also indicates the floating centers could bring the action closer to the public, thereby reducing the distance of transmission. Oh yeah, and they wouldn’t have to pay property taxes, either. (Not that Google would have considered that.)

There are also tough questions about what government entity would be in charge of the property, as things get dicey when you’re that from away from land. That could be a plus or a minus for Google, depending on its perspective.

In any case, we think Google should take it a step further and relocate its entire headquarters to under the sea. For one, it’d be freakin’ cool. But most important, under the sea, we got no troubles; life is the bubbles. Each little clam here know how to jam here, each little slug here cuttin’ a rug here, each little snail here know how to wail here…

Sorry, got a little carried away there. But seriously. Under the sea. Think about it, Google. And don’t forget who gave you the idea.