Hideo Kojima Finally Makes A Metal Gear Movie

Metal Gear Solid Maestro Hideo Kojima has finally achieved his life’s dream of making a Snake-based movie.  Games-turned-movies tend to be more appalling than a cinema carpet after a drunken Rocky Horror show, but Hideo has cunningly stealthed his way past all the usual Hollywood pitfalls: by hiding the movie inside Metal Gear Solid 4 game.  Several times over.

Reactions to the news that MGS4 will have ninety-minute cutscenes have ranged from shock to breathless, stuttering horrified shock.  Many have criticized this decision, but when your job is “video game critic” taking shots at movie length movie clips is like hitting a barn with a machine gun.  Giving out to Kojima for spending so much time on the MGS plot is like mocking Michaelangelo for messing up a perfectly good ceiling: it’s no secret that the PS1 Metal Gear Solid revolutionised the entire industry.  In one title Kojima suddenly made an entire market sector look five years old in terms of graphics, gameplay and sheer player involvement.

Since then he’s innovated in every major release, and while some of those “innovations” were things like Raiden (who’s generally regarded as worse than an anthrax soaked controller), the alternative would be an EA-style “MGS 2009″ with updated ‘playerlists‘ of terrorist countries and the name of the Al-Queda No 2 you’re after.

I can’t wait for the new game/movie.  I’m going to settle right up and watch a game kick the ass of two industries instead of just one this time.  The only tragedy will be that so many Halotards will feverishly start-skip carefully crafted tales of honor, courage and legacy because they want to get to “the cool bit fighting the tentacle thing.”