Hi, We’re the Government, and We Lose Computers

government lose computersThe British government has done it again. Just months after misplacing a database of its entire prison population, the U.K.’s top dogs now say they’re losing an average of one government computer per week. Yes, full-sized computers. Being lost. Weekly.

The revelation, reported by BBC News, follows a year of disappearing data within the British political realm. Aside from August’s aforementioned prison mishap, the U.K. government has managed to misplace more than four million personal records in recent months, ranging from tax records to medical charts.

The newest flub, though, may be the most perplexing of all. Fifty-three computers in all have seemingly vanished in the last year, officials admit. The Department of Health has “lost” the most, with 14 machines missing. The Department for Children, Schools, and Families is close behind with 13. The Departments for International Development, Transport, and Justice are also all scratching their heads over handfuls of seemingly evaporated electronics within their divisions.

Something like the prison fiasco — in which the data was stored on a memory stick — was bad enough. At least in that case, though, you can see how carelessness could have been the cause. But missing computers? How in the hell does someone walk out of a government office with a full-sized tower, without anyone noticing? Not just once, but on an average of once a week?

For this impressively idiotic feat, we feel compelled to dust off our highly disregarded and rarely acknowledged award, the TechCult Sarcastic Salute. Dear government, you have more than earned the accolades. Congratulations. We’ll get your commemorative plaque shipped as soon as we can find it.