Guy screwed by the airlines gets back with online music video


The internet is a beautiful thing, when some big corporation screws you over, you can actually voice your opinion to the masses.  Which is what one poor musician did whose guitar received some serious abuse while he was flying with the United Airlines.  His poor Taylor acoustic guitar was broken and cost Dave Caroll $1,200 to fix the guitar.  Which he was forced to do, because he needed his guitar in working condition.  He actually witnessed the employees throwing around his band’s instruments during a layover in Chicago.

He talked to every employee he could get his hands on through the phone and at the airport, each one just passed the blame onto someone else.  In the end, Ms. Irlweg told him that he would not be receiving compensation for all of those repairs he paid for.  So in the end he wrote a song and made a hilarious music video to go along with it.  He may not ever see compensation, but at least he got a new song out of the deal.  You can check out the video here.

Source: Switched