Gross But Brilliant – Girl Drinks Her Own Brain Fluid


Don’t worry, she’s not a part of some strange teenage cult that you’ve never heard about.  Instead she has a medical condition that’s causing debilitating migraines.  Her condition causes her to create far too much spinal fluid, which is why she gets the headaches.  The solution was to drain that extra fluid, but it has to go somewhere.

Melissa shockingly found out that the doctors intended to make the fluid run straight to her digestive system.  The 17-year old now has a surgically implanted tube that drains the fluid and runs it through her digestive system.  Except for getting a little bit of a dull ache when she wakes up, it seems to have solved the problem.  So far she hasn’t mentioned any cravings to digest anyone else’s brain fluids, I imagine her own fluid is weird enough for her.

Source: Gearfuse