Grab Your Tissues…Microsoft’s Upset

microsoft upsetMicrosoft is mad.

The company is apparently upset that the media (and, seemingly, general world population) is so down on its Windows Vista operating system. A new report by Forrester Research compared the product — quite brilliantly, we might add — to the failed New Coke experiment of the mid-80s. The report cited statistics showing only 8.8 percent of computers running Vista as of June, a full 18 months after its release, and suggested businesses “follow the lead of Microsoft’s most important partner Intel and re-evaluate the case for Vista.”

This all comes, of course, as Microsoft is working to force feed its software to unsuspecting users by disguising it with a codename and trying to convince them it’s something great. It goes without saying, then, that the Forrester report left the Big M with a serious case of the boo-hoos.

We here at TechCult feel for Microsoft. We really do. It’s unfortunate that such a large chunk of the computing community isn’t just willing to accept what it considers a subpar piece of software. It’s a shame that people won’t refrain from discussing the problems they see with the program’s interface and performance. It’s tough that users insist on expressing their frustrations over a product that they simply don’t like.

So come on, dear friends of the Internet society. We don’t want Microsoft to feel bad. We don’t want to see any more tears shed. Let’s all join together and stop voicing all honest opinions about the Vista product. Instead, let’s all go out to our local retailers and pay $129.99 for a new OS, even if we feel it’s inferior to the one we currently use. Let’s install it and ignore all the things we dislike about it. Let’s post only positive things about it, no matter what we’re really thinking.

Let’s pretend we’re going to do all those things for at least the next four-and-a-half seconds before laughing hysterically and moving on with our lives.