Google Translator Not The Most Reliable Translator For Tattoos


Sure, Google Translator works out great for making a quick translation on the internet.  I usually use it to check out product pages really quick that aren’t printed in English.  One thing that it’s not so good for, translating a random bit of text so that you can then in turn tattoo the translation onto your body.  Of course it’s too late for certain brainiacs, they’ve already had their mis-translated gibberish permanently printed on their bodies in big bold print.

Top signs that your translation might not quite be the best is when the English word “of” is still mixed in with all of those fancy Latin words.  Although it’s always a bad idea to have a tattoo printed on yourself that you can’t actually read yourself, at least find someone that really knows the language that will help you out.  No, the tattoo artist doesn’t count.  Either way though, you might not want to use the internet on this one.

Source: Neatorama