Google Street View Appears to Have Captured a Dead Girl


Google Street View is notorious for catching all sorts of strange events.  This time it caught a girl laying face down on the sidewalk in such a way that people were soon outraged.  They all thought there must be some unreported crime in the neighborhood and complained that the Street View car didn’t even bother to stop and help the clearly injured girl.  After a little digging it turned out though that the little girl was just fine and only playing a small trick on her friend.

The 10 year old girl of Worcester, England, Azura, was playing with another child when she tripped and fell.  She thought it’d be funny to instead of jumping up, play dead.  She had no idea that the Google car was taking all sorts of images of her playing possum.  She is now very proud of her internet publicity and is excited to go back to school and tell all of her friends about the incident.

Source: Switched