Google Flashes the World

Google has found a new way to encourage annoying Flash-based web designs.

The company has teamed up with Adobe to develop a system of indexing Flash sites. Using a new “Searchable SWF” library, Google engineers created an algorithm to actually go in and surf through Flash content to pull out the text for inclusion.

“I love Flash sites with really involved animations that take forever to load,” said a 14-year-old web user from Shelbyville, Kentucky.

“Those long animated site intros with music are killer, too. I’m glad I can find them now in Google,” he added.

Adobe also gave the SWF library to Yahoo — which has, of course, yet to release its own application for it. Good thing Yahoo isn’t desperately in need of good publicity or anything right now, or that might have seemed like a stupid move on its part.

“It appears that our company is doing quite well these days, so we saw no reason to embrace this opportunity and try to beat the competition,” a Yahoo executive did not say.

“We’ll probably come up with a second-rate version of our own here in a few weeks and then not understand why we continue to struggle as a business,” he also neglected to mention.