Google Earth Actually Makes Scientific Breakthrough


If the scientists can’t find a mythical lost city, don’t worry, Google Earth can.  It used to be people dreamed of finding some lost city, but the odds of that happening in this day and age seem slim to none.  The idea of running off to an island that no one knows exists can be a wonderful fantasy when you’re feeling crowded in by the city life.  It just always seems like all those lost lands have been found long ago.  Who would have thought that Google Earth would be the ticket to finding the ruins of a 700 year old city?!

Percy Fawcett disappeared from the Amazon back in 1925 while looking for proof of the Lost City of Z and was never heard of again.  Now in the heart of the Amazon forest, near the border of Brazil and Bolivia it is believed that it’s possible that the Lost City of Z or El Dorado has actually been found.  The picture shown here was taken by Google Earth and those geometric shapes are believed to be part of the infrastructure of a forgotten civilization.  The archeological team used Google Earth to make their way to the city.  They have now uncovered 200 earthen structures, which includes plazas, moats, bridges and even ruined roads.  So far they’ve only managed to excavate about 10 percent of the city.  Now if only Google Earth would delve into the depths of the ocean, we could see what nifty new finds we could find at the bottom of the ocean.

Source: Switched