Getting Serious About Grammar

Facebook is trying to cut back on grammar errors within its site. The social network has announced it’ll start asking all users to specify their gender. The goal is to stop having to use plural pronouns when referring to single users.

We here at TechCult agree that grammar and proper spelling are very important. In fact, we think they are so important, we’ve written a policy of our own. Effective immediately:

“All TechCult writers must make sure there grammar, spelling, and punctuation are correct in all storys. There are no acceptions. If your caught doing any of it wrong, you will be terminated.”

So that’s our stance — because here at TechCult, excellence is the expectation. As such, we’ve also installed an advanced new algorithm-based system that can detect any subpar posts as they’re being written. We’re very excited about this. If the system sees any poor content, it will lock the post down and shut the writer out within 30 secon