Genius kids use caller-ID spoofing to mess with 911


Many have heard of “swatting” it is commonly associated with fairly harmless pranks.  However, it can go in different directions besides the harmless pranks.  There are perfectly innocent legitimate uses for swatting.  At the same time though, there are pranks that take things way too far.  One genius known as “Little Hacker” has been telephone hacking since he was 14.  Now 19, Mathew Weigman has been at this for a few years.  He’s a part of a full group of telephone hackers that met up on telephone party lines.

The issue isn’t so much that this group is swatting, it’s more that they are screwing with 911.  Which yes, that is entirely possible, but it is a touch more tricky.  This group is associated with over 60 different swatting calls to 911 numbers across the country.  They make their prank calls to 911, but use spoofing technology to make it appear as if the call is coming from their chosen victim’s house.  The appeal behind it being, that the person they’ve made it appear is calling is going to have several police standing at their door with weapons drawn.  As of now caller-ID spoofing is still legal for most of the US.  Lawmakers in New York and Louisiana are now trying to control the practice.  Whether it be best that new laws are created or old ones modified, making calls such as this to 911 is taking things way too far.  Of course hopefully they won’t cause issues for those that have legit reasons for making swatting calls.

Source: NetworkWorld