Fugitive Taunting Authorities With Facebook Updates


People have managed to get caught doing all sorts of things thanks to their favorite social networking websites.  Sometimes it gets them fired and every so often it even gets them into trouble with the law.  Well one criminal is actually posting things on his Facebook, purely for the police.  He escaped from prison this past September and is now making sure to keep his Facebook well updated in order to taunt the authorities.

The burglar lets everyone know about the expensive lunches he’s eating, the various parties he’s attending and even states what neighborhood he’s within.  He’s even uploaded a charming photograph to madden the police even further, where he’s leaning in closely and flipping off the camera.  The police are still hopeful that they’ll catch Craig “Lazie” Lynch.  They have attempted to track his IP addresses and think they’ll catch up with him eventually.  It’s nice of Lynch to leave the police not so subtle breadcrumbs for them to follow.

Source: Switched