It’s Friday and the cold hard truth is that we’re all wishing it were the end of the day, so that we can begin the weekend.  If you’re having a particularly tough Friday then you could probably use a couple time wasters.  Thankfully, the internet is jam packed full of absolutely pointless, but still funny videos and quizzes.  One of the best but dumbest things to come around is the pug that can say Batman.  To make it even better, someone with too much time on their hands actually matched it up to go with the old Batman theme song.

If you’re tired of the animal related videos, then College Humor has a great Steve Jobs parody video that’s worth checking out.  If that doesn’t waste nearly enough of you time, type up about 3 paragraphs of anything you choose and paste it here to find out which famous author your writing style resembles.  Between the 3 of those that’ll at least get your mind off of business for a short while.

Friday Online Nonsense To Distract You From Work
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