Friday Headline Humor

It’s a relatively slow day in tech news, but leave it to our friends at Wired to bring us some much needed relief. While surfing through my Google Reader, I came across a headline that gave me the chuckle I’d been awaiting:

First of all, Crush from American Gladiators does not appreciate being referred to that way. And secondly, why is her personal business being publicized on Wired?

That got me thinking, though: There must be other amusing headlines out there for those of us with the maturity level of 12-year-olds. And, sure enough, I found some.

Hot off the interwebs, here are a few winners to end your week on a high note:

“Intel To Face Probe”
Poor Intel.

“Finale Climaxes In Explosive End”
Well, that’s rather self-evident.

Without doubt, though, our #1 selection comes from

Those crazy Mets. My condolences to the victim.