Former LucasArts CEO to run for Congress


For those of you that were just about to give up on the world, there might be hope yet.  A former LucasArts CEO is attempting to land himself a seat in Congress.  Although I’m sure that there are some viewpoints you’ll disagree with when it comes to his politics.  However, it’d be nice to have someone in Congress who isn’t completely out of touch with the gaming and technology world.  Being a former CEO with LucasArts, one would hope that he was at least somewhat exposed to those factors.  At least more than those that usually find their way to politics.

Jim Ward was a CEO at the video game publisher back in 2008, so it hasn’t been too long ago that he  was there.  The Republican currently works as a venture capitalist and lists himself as a conservative,  on Facebook, when it comes to his political philosophy.  He’s running to represent Arizona’s 5th Congressional District that will include Scottsdale, Tempe and portions of Phoenix.  That seat is currently being held by a two-term Democrat, Harry Mitchel.  You can see Jim Ward in the picture above protesting against the healthcare plan being pushed by Obama.  Hopefully Ward doesn’t do anything too scandalous and slip in a speech that he intends to pwn some Congressional noobs.  You can check out his viewpoints on his campaign website.

Source: GamePolitics