Five Futuristic (and Slightly Frightening) Phones

A Korean company’s getting ready to reveal its 3G-capable wrist cell phone, and there are plenty more futuristic and strange devices on the horizon. We’ve dug up a handful of odd phones either in the works or already available. Check out these unusual numbers.

The Wrist Phone

First, the wrist phone: The LG-GD910 will debut at January’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. Its coolest feature has to be its integrated combination video-still camera — the front of the watch functions as an all-purpose lens. Interesting possibilities…

The device has support for 3G and 7.2 Mbps HSDPA. It also offers a 1.43-inch color LCD touchscreen, text-to-speech options, an MP3 player, and a whole bunch of other stuff that makes me drool. Plus, it’s just over half an inch thick. (Here’s hoping this is the only time you hear that phrase uttered.)


The Microscope Phone

If the half-inch line rings too true, this next product might be just the thing you need. The still-under-development microscope phone, as its name suggests, puts cellular power into a real functioning microscope. Ability to retain your dignity not included.


The Shoe Phone

Did Stephen Colbert’s shoe phone gag make you chuckle? Well, get ready to meet the real thing. Sort of. The Erico High Heel Shoe Phone lets you have your shoes do the talkin’. Unfortunately, it’s only a landline phone — no mobile capabilities — and it doesn’t look too comfortable to wear, either.


The Belt Phone

In a slightly more practical but no less bizarre option, the NEC belt phone puts the power — well, right above your package. These cell phones are actually built into real leather belts, which raises the question of what the hell you do when you get a call. I can imagine several possibilities, and if it’s an attractive woman wearing the device, I like them all.


The Cigarette Phone

Here we thought the iPhone smoking app was amusing. Chinese phone makers have put the virtual puffer to shame, creating instead a phone that actually looks like a pack of cigarettes and holds one inside. Pay an extra fee and you can even get a pack preinserted when you purchase. (Seriously.) Hopefully, they at least offer a discount for kids.


And One Bonus Idea

Find something you like in this eclectic mix? If not, don’t worry — mobile technology is still in its infancy. Personally, I’m holding out for the built-in boxers phone. Now, this thing could come in handy on a date.


Honey, there’s a call for you…