Filmmakers Using Brain Scans To Make Horror Movies Better


For those of you that are big time into scary movies, you might find that you’re slowly getting numb to all that gore.  After a while, many of us have become a little more difficult to really scare.  Well now filmmakers might be resorting to slightly more scientific methods to make you scream like a little girl.  It’s something that one British producer, Peter Katz, has already tested out for their upcoming film ‘Pop Skull’.  They enlisted Mindsign Neuromarketing to perform a brain scan on someone as they watched the movies, to give them an idea as to when she became more scared.

As many would have already guessed, the viewer was just as scared while watching the scene leading up to that horrific moment in the movie as she was of the scary scene itself.  Although it’s nothing shocking or groundbreaking, perhaps these scans will allow for producers to discover when their movie is such crap that it wouldn’t scare a 6 year old.  I doubt it though.  As a whole, it might perfect the art of horror movies, although maybe not for this year’s round of movies released for Halloween.

Source: Switched