Feeling A Little ADD? It’s The Internet’s Fault


Actually, it’s a little more than just the internet.  It’s all of those phone calls, e-mails, texts, tweets and all those other pop up messages that distract you from your current task.  Nicholas Carr’s books and blogs point out that we have become those people that absolutely can’t ignore those day to day distractions from our little bits of technology.  If you believe that you might be one of those people that constantly gets off task by being too easily distracted, you can check out a little test from the New York Times.

Strangely I thought I’d score incredibly low.  As it turns out though I scored a 92% on both of the tests.  That’s supposed to mean that my short-term memory can hold more apparently.  If only that meant I could remember dates.  The research was done by Stanford University, so it’s probably pretty accurate.  Either way it’s a fun little test to let you know if you’re maybe allowing those texts to distract you a little too much.  You can try out the test by going here.

Source: Switched