Feds fighting for your internet privacy


Yes, that’s right, and every single conspiracy theorist is going to cry out at once that it must be a lie.  Usually when one thinks of the Feds, they think of hearing about them watching over conversations to pick up on key terms to look for terrorists or something along those lines.  However, oddly the Feds have an issue with places like Google watching what you search.  Google defends that they don’t save a ton of information on what you search, just a few key details.

They also defend that there is a way to “opt out” that makes it so it stops tracing your searches.  The point behind such traces are purely to give personalized ads.  However, none of that is good enough for the Feds, the Federal Trade Commission actually thinks that you should have to select “opt in” so that more people are aware that they’re being watched.  The FTC are supporting a new bill introduced by Rep. Rick Boucher that forces Google to offer that function.  All of this just makes the world feel like it has been turned upside down.  Although, I’m sure that the conspiracy theorists would see right through this plot and recognize that it’s secretly going to somehow take away our privacy even more.  For those that want to “opt out” just check out your profile on Google and within it you’ll find a spot to select that function.

Source: Switched