Facebook Face-Off: Trading Friends For Hamburgers

Facebook Free WhopperI’m currently trying to decide which I value more: friends or hamburgers. It sounds like a strange comparison, I know, but a promotion launched on Facebook this week is forcing me to think it through.

I can thank Burger King for my conundrum. The BK clan posted a curious online offer this week: Delete 10 friends from Facebook, and get a free Whopper. Why would they want you to weigh friendships against fried beef, you might ask? There’s the publicity aspect, of course — but outside of that, I’m not sure what’s driving their motivation for the mean-spirited meat trade.

The deal starts when you install an app called “Whopper Sacrifice.” You add that puppy onto your profile, start whittling away at your friend list, and boom — the burger’s yours.

Now, I could probably find a few Facebook “friends” I could take or leave. There’s that smelly schmuck from college I never really liked, and that one girl whose face I’m pretty certain I’ve never seen in person. Oh, and the pool guy from my gym — I’m not sure why that guy even added me, anyway.

From there, though, things get tricky. Do I ax off my family? My girlfriend? They’re all good people, sure, but they don’t fill my belly with flame-broiled bliss. Then again, there might be repercussions from selling them out for a sesame-surrounded sandwich.

Wait a minute — I think I finally get what Burger King’s doing here. The seemingly simple offer is designed to demonstrate how easily we’ll turn our backs on friends, even in our technologically connected world, when confronted with our inner drive for survival. This is no marketing tactic — it’s a philosophical commentary on the very nature of mankind.

That’s my story, anyway, and I’m sticking to it. I couldn’t be more excited, either. Now I can finally drop my friends like flies and go get that damned free burger.