Everyone panic!! Robots Wielding Knives


Have these scientists never been to a movie theater?!  Don’t they know that the world will eventually be taken over by robots?  We all know it’s true, it’s merely a matter of time.  After all, it happened in the movies and we all know everything that happens in the movies comes true.  Now the researchers at the Institute of Robotics and Mechatronics within Germany’s aerospace agency have given these little robots a weapon.  Then went ahead and tested it out on various things to see what it’d do to a human being.

They go through and check with different things like scissors, knives and a screwdriver.  Most of which is done on a pig leg, but some was done using an actual person’s arm.  Each test they did with and without collision detection to see how deep the cuts would go.  The ones without collision detection cut deep enough that it would have killed the pig, were it not an already dead pig.  Why did they do all of this?  I’m sure they have logical reasons of all sorts, but in reality it probably involved at least one or two substances.  Everyone knows scientists get all of the best stuff.

Source: Switched