European Commission To Set Volume Limiter on Media Players


Those of you in Europe are about to get your hearing protected whether you like it or not.  The European Commission has decided for you that you really should be more careful about how loud you listen to your music.  Obviously, you are far too ignorant to make those choices all on your own.  They’re going to make it so that all of the portable media players will have a noise limiter.  That’s nice of them.  Isn’t it so pleasant not to have to think for yourself?

This legislation is set to pass next week.  Once it does manufacturers will be forced to set the limit at 80 decibels.  Whereas some players can output on up to 120 decibels.  Apparently that’s the same intensity as the sound of a jet engine taking off.  Hey, maybe I like the sound of a jet engine.  The best part about this new limit is that those of you that are hard of hearing will no longer be able to set your volume higher to compensate.  In one turn they protect the hearing of the young while punishing the older bunch for listening to their music so loudly over the years.

Source: Crunchgear