Eternal Optimist Pre-Ordered Duke Nukem Forever


Duke Nukem Forever has become legendary, even despite that it never actually came out.  Even if you’re not a gamer, you’ve probably heard about the gamers anxiously awaiting a game that never ever came out.  For years they remained hopeful, but this past year or so it finally became clear that it wasn’t going to happen.  The development of the game started way back in 1997, so gamers were forced to hope that it would come out for over 10 years.  One poor guy actually pre-ordered the game through Game Stop.  He put down his cash way back in 2001.

He  is going to be waiting a long time for his money’s worth.  Hopefully the guys at Game Stop were nice and gave him in store credit after it finally became clear that it was never going to happen.  Perhaps next time Slash000 can invest in something more solid, like the tooth fairy or leprechauns.

Source: Crunchgear