Energizer Disguises AA batteries as D batteries


Times are tough and companies are constantly looking for a way to make a few more bucks.  Well Energizer is no exception, if they can make extra cash in some way they’re going to do it.  One would have hoped they’d attempt to come by this money honestly, but as it turns out there’s no hope for that one.  It has been analyzed before that Energizer’s rechargeable D batteries are strangely not all that powerful  Well one person finally became fed up and decided to get to the bottom of things.  He shockingly enough discovered that his D battery wasn’t a D at all, but a AA in disguise.

Energizer has taken AA batteries and used a plastic converter piece that you can find for extremely cheap and changed their AA batteries into much larger D batteries.  Thus making the D batteries appear far more weak.  Also saving Energizer plenty of cash and giving you less power for your money.  The AA batteries get 2500mAh, whereas the D batteries are 12,000mAh.  So just a small barely noticeable difference between the two, right?  If you’re suspicious of your battery, you could always take yours apart to check things out.

Source: OhGizmo