Employee Fired Via Text Message


There are a few things if you text or post them on any social networking site, it just makes you an insta-douche.  Texting an employee that they’re fired, yes, that’s one of those things.  Now, I’m by no means saying that technology is at fault.  I fully believe that if Mr. Youell hadn’t had the use of technology, he’d still find ways to act just as poorly.  Since he did have a cellphone though, he took the time to send off a nice little text to Shayne Bolsher an employee of Fife Fine Foods.

Of course upper management says they can make no comment, since Barry Youell has run away and hid taken a 3 week holiday.  The sad portion of the story is that the former employee’s union can’t really help him much.  Since he wasn’t continually employed for over a year by that employer, they can’t start a case on the grounds of unfair dismissal.  At least Barry Youell will forever hang in the douchebag hall of fame.  That’s something I suppose.