Elmo Gets High-Tech Holiday Hack

Those iconic red Elmo dolls are doing more than just giggling this holiday season. Thanks to a high-tech hack, the creatures are going into battle.

An artist reprogrammed the Tickle Me Elmo toys for a demonstration called “A Reenactment of the Battle of the Pyramids.” The show, which took place as part of New York City’s Eyebeam Holiday Hackshop, had the Elmos taking on the roles of Napoleon and his troops in their late 1700s stance against Egypt.


It does get a little creepy — the dolls were stripped of their furry friendliness and made to look like faceless warriors. Still, you’ve gotta admit, the artist’s ability to get the Elmos to follow her command and move in unison is pretty impressive. (You can see a video showing some of the choreography here.) She says she actually took out the sound mechanisms and replaced each doll’s motherboard with a custom model to make it happen.

The only thing that would have been cooler is if she’d have done that with the Hannah Montana singing dolls instead. Now, that would be a tickling sight to see.