Doctors Observe First Known Case of Sleep E-Mailing

sleep-emailingResearchers say they’ve just come across the world’s first known case of sleep e-mailing. Sound like someone you know?

The incident, set to be published in the medical journal Sleep Medicine, involves a 44-year-old woman observed by doctors at the University of Toledo. The woman, they say, got up two hours after dozing off and went right to her computer. She powered up, logged on, and sent three separate messages.

Message #1 (original punctuation maintained):

“Come tomorrow and sort this hell hole out. Dinner and drinks,,. Bring wine and caviar only.”

Message #2:

“What the…….”

The third message hasn’t been publicly released, so I’ll take the liberty of making it up:

“Pork belly fandango mustard; Elton John ricotta where are my slippers? meep meep .”

Back to reality, though: The woman was able to remember her password and successfully send all three messages. Yet, the next morning, she was “shocked” to learn what she’d done. The doctors say the complexity of the whole thing sets it apart from other kinds of midsleep activities — walking, talking, even sleep-sex. (It’s a real thing — I promise. And not just in the “bored gal drifting off during a tedious session” sort of way.)

Crazy stuff, eh? In related news, researchers have just observed what’s believed to be the world’s first known case of sleep article-writing on a tech-related Web site. The writer involved asked to remain unnamed.