Death by Twitter – Girl Electrocuted in Bathtub


There is finally proof that Twitter is going to be the death of mankind or at least the death of the very ignorant portion of mankind.  One Romanian 17 year old decided that she had to Twitter so badly that she had to do it even while she was in the bathtub.  So while soaking in the tub, she happened to notice that her laptop battery was getting low.  At this point the logical thing would be to close the laptop and end the Twitterfest.  However, logic was something this girl apparently lacked.

Instead she picks up the cord with her nice wet hands and manages to electrocute herself to death.  I can’t help but wonder what her last post was about.  Did she even get it posted before she managed to fry herself just to keep her social network up to date?  I did find a supposed Twitter feed under her name, but I have my doubts as to the authenticity of the page.  The first post is on the 19th and her death was reported by the Autstrian Times on the 17th.

Source: Geekologie