Creepy Technology: Self-Powering Microchips Control Real Bugs

remote-controlled-bugsNext time you see a roach, don’t wait to grab the Raid. Scientists have just figured out a way to create self-powering, human-controlled insects — and they could be used to spy on you. Sound creepy enough?

The so-called “cyborg insects” have been under development for some time. Engineers actually implant electrical stimulators into real bugs’ bodies. The devices activate specific brain cells to make the insects move in a particular way — all triggered by a remote control in some guy’s hand.

Here…see for yourself:

Apparently, the problem thus far had been keeping the bugged bugs powered up. The early microchip prototypes relied on small batteries that didn’t last too long.

But have no fear — a solution is near. The scientists have now come up with a process that could let the insect’s own movement generate power to keep the chips running, New Scientist proudly notes. And, if that’s not enough, they’re even talking about using the same concept to control rodents, too.

Spying insects? Remote-controlled rodents? Man, all this stuff is really bugging me out. Couldn’t we just focus our scientific efforts back on that brain-stimulating sex chip instead?