Couple Updates Their Facebook At The Alter


Facebook and Twitter always seem to bring plenty of amusement to people.  Be it because of their social networking benefits or laughing at the stupid things people have done through the websites.  One couple is so amused by their own Facebook and Twitter accounts that they decided to update their relationship status….at the alter.  Therefore giving the rest of us something to keep us entertained for at least a few minutes of the day.

Just after the minister has had a chance to announce that they are officially married, the groom pulls out his phone.  He then sends out a tweet announcing that he’s officially married as well as updates his Facebook relationship status.  All the while handing over his new wife’s phone to her so that she can do the same.  Thankfully, on the video you can tell they weren’t exactly serious about the whole affair.  That is the updating of the Facebook status.  I’m pretty sure they were serious about the wedding.

Source: Geekologie